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Re: [IP] sleepovers

>From: Caryn Lee <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] sleepovers
> Lauren just came and handed me an invitation that she got for a sleepover for
>the end of this month. I had always made an excuse but tonight she is fussing.
>Anybody got any advice. I was thinking of calling the mom and seeing if we 
>both sleep over but somehow I don't think that is going to go over well with
>Lauren. Caryn

We just made the leap into the land of sleepovers over Christmas break.  I have
also made excuses for awhile, but it was easy because Ian is only in 2nd
grade.  How old is Lauren?  Ian was invited to a friend's house whose mom was
very willing to do whatever we needed her to.  He had been there to play many
times, so there was already a good comfort level for all of us.  She checked
him and fed him dinner after talking over the dinner carbs when I dropped him
off.   She checked him at all the other times I asked her to, even 2am, and
just emailed me the results right after she checked him.   That was great
because I had the information, but I didn't feel like I was checking in and
intruding on the sleepover.  I had given her a little flow chart about what to
do at the different times, and it worked like a charm.   They only live 5-10
minutes from us, so we knew we could be there quickly if necessary. 
Fortunately, it wasn't necessary at all.  The whole experience was a huge
apron-string cutting experience for me, but I think a necessary one to help Ian
feel like a normal kid.  He was thrilled to have the freedom and the fun.  Good

Beth,  mom to Ian, 7, dx'd 5/00, pumping MM508 7/01
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