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[IP] One-handed Sil-Serter

>I want to see a picture of this myself !
>There is NO way you can unlock and
>shoot yourself and keep the angel ect...
>We want proof....... d:-)

Sorry guys and gals, that's one picture you'll never see. 

However, for those of you who can't fathom a one-handed
insert, here's some info:

1.  I placed the serter against my rear and felt the
pressure of the guides.  This allows me to feel the angle.
 Remember also that I'm looking over my shoulder looking
at the bathroom mirror, so angle is not an issue.

This is probably the most important part, having a mirror
to look into over your shoulder.

2.  The one-handed removal was tricky, but here's how I
did it.  First, I inserted the silhouette using the method
above.  Next, with the needle sticking in and me holding
onto the serter, I turned around and rested the serter
against the sink, freeing my hand to remove the first
adhesive (by feel, not by sight).  With the first adhesive
pressed firmly against my rear, I took hold of the serter
and pushed on the clip on the serter holding the set. 
Next, I released and set the serter aside.  Finally, I
placed one finger on on the attached adhesive, and pressed
the two sides of the needle with another finger and a
thumb.  I pulled the needle out, and then removed the
second adhesive cover, followed by attaching the 2nd half
of the set to my skin.  Finally, I attached the tubing by

It was a little tricky, but with practice, it should move
along smoothly.

Oh, also, absorption seems to be right in line with my
abdomen (and that makes me a very happy camper).

Y'all take care, (I can say y'all since I'm from Southern

-Patrick <><
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