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[IP] fat & protein

Fat & protein can slow down digestion & the absorption of 
carbohydrates.  They, themselves, take longer to digest, to be broken 
down.  I think this is why some persons feel the need to bolus for fat & 
Sometimes  companies will add a bit of carbohydrate to cheese or meat 
products.  Reading all labels a must, depending on how your body handles 
 IMO, it is a YMMV, another variable. 
Last night I had some  peanut butter, nuts, raisins, with Splenda, 
melted in microwave, a bedtime snack I like.  My Bg was 86.  11/2-2hrs 
later, I woke so tested & Bg was 35.  Should have had ice-cream with 
it!  At least a faster carb -- crackers or something that would have 
kicked in quicker.  (Then too, it could have been from the day's in- 
activity, or activity, pain, meds, the size of moon--basals needing 
rechecking.)  Linda K
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