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Re: [IP] Animas ezAccess Program

At 7:13 PM -0500 1/4/05, RoseLea wrote:
>>At 06:58 PM 1/4/2005, George wrote:
>>"ezAccess will enable you to upgrade your IR 1200 pump, with our 
>>latest software enhancements, as they become available"
 >> http://www.animascorp.com/customerserv/cs_ezAccess_Upgrade_Program.shtml
>Well, it looks to me like Animas doesn't even know what the ezAccess 
>program is.  I called the 877 # provided on the website, choose 
>Option 3 per their instructions:
>and spoke with a person there.  That's what she told me.  So, if 
>Animas doesn't even know what it's doing, I'll wait until THEY 
>figure it out.

I don't think it was Animas that was not "in the know".  It sounds 
more like you spoke with a person who may have been misinformed.  Or 
perhaps they forgot that you were only inquiring about ezAccess? 
After all, that is the number for information on all of their 
products.   Speaking of, since the ezAccess program has been 
announced, I'm sure they won't mind me releasing what they wrote in 

"We are just launching a new up-grade program for people that are on 
the IR 1200.  I'll get you all the particulars.  At this point it is 
moot as the IR 1200 is the latest and greatest.  Also, did you see 
the press release about Animas acquiring Debiotec?  It will 
REVOLUTIONIZE pump therapy.  These micro pumps and micro needles are 
to the IR 1200/Paradigm/Cosmo what the IR 1200/Paradigm/Cosmo are to 
the pump that was strapped upon your back."

I found the information on Debiotech to be fascinating.  We will be 
stepping into the "future" of pumping someday.  The Debiotech line of 
miniaturization will be another major leap ahead, a true major 
paradigm!  So long "back pack!"   Adios belt clip!  Goodbye tangled 
tubing!  Hello Debiotech/Animas pump advancements!

George       :>)
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