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RE: [IP] Dr. Booth and Pumping Costs

.  My husband's company wants to know the
cost of pumping (not the actual pump, but the monthly supplies) and I
was wondering if anyone would mind listing what they buy each month and
the cost of the items (Canadian).


I live in Toronto, and use a Paradigm 511.

The infusion sets I use (Paradigm Quick-Set) cost $200 Cdn for a box of 10.
If you used a new set every 3 days (and never screwed one up while
inserting) you'd use about 10 a month. I use a Quick-Serter to put the set
in, a one-time cost of $25.95, unless you do what I did and tell Minimed
you're trying out a Paradigm and would like some supplies and then they may
Fedex you one for free.

I use Paradigm reservoirs, which cost $42 for a box of ten. If you used a
new reservoir every time you changed your site (again, say every three days)
you'd pay $42 per month. I don't do that, but The Rules say you should.

IV 1000 transparent dressings cost $48, 100 to a box. I bought them but
don't use them yet. They're good, I'm told to cover the site when you're
swimming and make sure it stays on, and/or to keep the site attached if it
doesn't stick to your skin well.

My pump requires one AAA battery per month.

So probably about $250 Cdn or more per month, but it depends a fair bit on
how often you change your site.

Hope this helps,

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