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Re: [IP] Animas ezAccess Program

At 5:07 PM -0500 1/4/05, RoseLea wrote:
>I spoke with a representative from Animas today about the ezAccess 
>program.  It is not for upgrading software on your current pump.  It 
>is for upgrading to a completely new pump that has newer features. 
>The person I spoke with said that they found that when a newer pump 
>comes out, most insurances balk at allowing someone to upgrade, she 
>used the example of going from an IR1000 to an IR1200, without 
>having the doctor write out specific reasons why that patient needs 
>the newer pump.  And, even then, they might not go along with the 
>upgrade.  Evidently this upgrade program will allow prior Animas 
>pump owners to upgrade to the newest pump without as much difficulty 
>and hassle.  She also mentioned that the next Animas pump in the 
>works will have the glucose meter built in.  They have no idea of 
>price for this upgrade program or anything else specific, just that 
>they were planning on implementing something.  She told me I should 
>just keep checking their website for more information as it becomes 

That's VERY interesting since their website says:

"ezAccess will enable you to upgrade your IR 1200 pump, with our 
latest software enhancements, as they become available"


And a product manager wrote me saying:

"As I wrote earlier, it's an offer for those who wish to have the 
latest major software release"

So ??????????????     You say "Poe ta toe"  I say "poe tay toe"

George         :>)
let's not call this thing (ezAccess) off
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