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Re: [IP] Re: severe penalties and confessions of an insulin pumper

I did Sybil !  I read the instruction book for my new 712 cover to cover - 
Well ALMOST and hooked it up. When the nurse called three days later to 
schedule the appt I said - I was pumping.  She was really nice about it, I 
called her several times over the next week with questions I had but she 
never had to come out.

Robert B

> As long as we're confessing, you know that big sheet of paper they send 
> you
> with a new pump that says in big letters something like "Do not connect 
> pump
> except in presence of trainer"? Well how many of you didn't wait for the
> trainer?
> Don't tell the pump police but after I received my Animas IR1200 (while I 
> was
> on the IR1000), I put the CD in and watched the video, then the next day 
> when I
> went home from work, it was time to change the cartridge and infusion set 
> on my
> IR1000 so in the meantime I thought I would be completely familiar with my 
> new
> pump for my trainer appointment in a few days, but somehow I got all mixed 
> up
> and filled the IR1200 cartridge and connected my new pump to the infusion 
> set!
> Heeheehee, don't try this at home, lol.
> Sybil and SueLyn the Animas IR1200 pump
> http://www.sbvdrsilkycrsilky.com
> Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 10:30:09 -0500
> From: "Robert Boyd" <email @ redacted>
> I was caught recently, the federal mattress, pillow and pump supplies
> police raided my home - I think my neighbors ratted me out. Fortunately 
> for me
> I did not remove the labels from my mattress but they took my pillow and
> ALL my expired pump supplies - it was a first offense, their is a fine for
> a second offense :-) so no more expired pump supplies for me, and I need
> to buy a new pillow ;-(
> Robert B
>> There are severe penalties for using expired sets. I believe the rules 
>> are
>> enforced by the same agency that checks to see who tore the tag off
> their > matress. Those are federal offenses you know and harsh punishment 
> is
>> usually given offencers.
>> B.W.
> .
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