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Re: [IP] RE: Air Injector

On Tue, 4 Jan 2005, Lisa A F. wrote:

> Does anyone recall the year that thing came out?  
 > I'm trying to figure out how young I was when we started using this 'advance'
> in diabetes care.

Funny, I asked my doc about it when I first saw it. He happened to have a 
colleague sitting in with him that day from the EU and they both let me 
have it. Aparently, at the time, they were popular in the EU and people 
were having all sorts of problems with them. I guess they are hard to 
calibrate but once you do, you generally don't want to change spots 
because of the pain associated with 'calibration'. The dude from the EU 
said after a while, quite a bit of scar tissue would build up and then 
absorbtion wouldn't be so good.

The last straw was the pricetag. About the time I was interested (1996), 
they were going for about $600 and insurance didn't cover it. I'm glad I 
didn't get one :)


As for how old these things are; my dad got 'needleless' injections when 
he entered the Navy about 1962 or so...

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