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Re: [IP] UltraSmart reset problem

I missed the beginning of this thread, but thought I'd jump in anyway.  

I've been using an ultrasmart for a little over a year now, and I've had the 
reset problem and had two meters replaced because of it.  I think, however, 
I've figured it out.  I think that sometimes the meter isn't protected enough 
from the buttons being pressed inadvertently, and pressing some combination of 
them resets the meter.  Very annoying to have to put in my settings all over 
again.  When it resets, the first screen I see when turning it on is the first 
set up screen asking me if I want to set up in English.

The worst part of the reset is that the insulin doses go back to zero, and 
the dumb meter only advances insulin in tenths of units.  For an insulin 
 resistant type 2 like me, it takes a while to get up to my lantus dose (still
on getting a pump, will wear the continuous glucose meter starting next 
Wednesday to see what's really going on with my BG).

Recently I sent the meter back for a new problem -- the buttons were getting 
"caught" and staying pressed in.

Luckily, they're quick to send a new one, I usually get it the next day.  
Only bad thing is resetting it and losing all the data it holds (though I do 
download it periodically).

Speaking of lifescan, does anyone have problems with the software crashing a 
lot?  I find it very annoying to have to restart my computer because the 
lifescan software crashes and won't open unless I restart....

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