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[IP] which data programs allow you to calculate protein and fat in the bolus?

Hi everyone,

I'm VERY interested in this bolus formula that includes fat and protein as
well as carbs- I eat a moderately low fat, low carb diet with a good amount of
protein and I always see a spike several hours later for uncovered protein. Do
these programs reveal the amount of insulin needed to cover protein and fat
separately from the carbs? I'd like to bolus for the carb part right away, and
stretch my protein over a few hours, so it would be convenient for me to see
the insulin allocation in discrete units (ie protein, fat and carbs)

Can someone remind the list (or just me) which calculation programs allow you
to set this up, as well as subtract fiber?
I'm finally taking the plunge into the pda. My purse is so packed, what will
one more thing matter?!

Ruth Jennison
Assistant Professor
Department of English
170 Bartlett Hall
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003-0515
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