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RE: [IP] UltraSmart reset problem

I had an UltraSmart that developed the same problem.  It is something to do
with a loose wire or connection inside.  If you call the 800# they will send
you out a new one, don't know how common this is but as soon as I said what
happened the tech knew exactly what I was talking about...


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 Just got my first UltraSmart. Had the same reset problem. It's a bit of a
because you cannot seem to edit time information for glucose entries, and I
hadn't realized the clock was off. At the time, I thought I had forced a
by holding down the buttons through the soft material of the case. If I
the clock was almose exactly 2 hours off, the test strip code was reset, the
custom names for the insulins were reset. Aside from the customization
and time, it lost no actual log data. I suspect that the 'setup' mode clears
all the custom data, and that the power was interrupted for a number of
Maybe the battery clips/springs aren't holding with enough tension? I'll try
pay more attention to the humidity, cold and/or static in case that is the
issue, but I live in San Jose, California, and the weather is nowhere near
cold/dry as Alaska. On an off topic note, I love the dog link, and are you a
Katherine Kurtz fan?

Have you talked to the techs at Lifescan?  Is this a common problem?
Aaron McHugh
Diabetic 13 years, going on pump this year (I hope)

> Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2005 12:16:58 -0900
> From: Sue Ann Bowling <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] UltraSmart reset problem
> I've been using the UltraSmart meter(s) for three months now, and am
> now on my third.  All have had the problem of resetting
> themselves--that is, when I insert a strip or press the logbook key,
> what comes up instead of the code number or a choice of logbook
> options is a choice of languages followed by time and date.  The time
> is always off; usually earlier than the real time (I synchronize with
> my pump) but once later; the date has been correct so far.  It also
> loses the strip code and restarts all meal and bolus counting from 0.
> No data is lost and the only number I have reason to suspect is one
> where the strip channel was not completely filled.  It's an
> annoyance, and with three straight having the same problem I don't
> think replacement is the answer.
> The problem does seem worst in the coldest weather, when the relative
> humidity indoors here is lowest, and I am beginning to wonder if I am
> looking at a low-humidity static problem.  I've moved the hygrometer
> into the room where the meter usually lives, and the current humidity
> is around 15%.  Does anyone else who has had this problem have any
> humidity data associated with it?  As an old meteorologist I can use
> data like whether iced drink containers get "dew"  on the outside or
> windows frost to get some idea of humidity.
> - --
> Sue Ann Bowling, North Pole, Alaska
> http://mosquitonet.com/~sbowling (general)
> http://bowlingsite.mcf.com/DogPage.html (dogs)
> http://climate.gi.alaska.edu/Bowling/Bowling.html (professional--retired)
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