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[IP] Re: Animas announces exAccess

 I just ordered the MM 515 upgrade today and it's $199, not $299. I do think
that when they first had the upgrade from the 511 to the 512 they originally
were asking $299 or even $399, but then they lowered the price of the 512 to
$199 last year after a lot of complaints (and maybe poor sales). Anyway, now the
515 is definitely $199 - it's on their website (not saying that they didn't tell
you something different originally). And yes, you have to pay cash upfront, even
if your insurance will reimburse you. They will not do the billing themselves
for the insurance, since in most cases insurance won't reimburse. So even if
your insurance does cover it, you have to file the claim yourself.

 Regarding the issue of paying for upgrades, at least with Minimed the
enhancements are simply additional nice to have features, but nothing critical,
so no one should feel forced into upgrading. Everyone needs to do a personal
cost-benefit analysis to decide if it's worth the extra $200 that's most likely
an out of pocket cost. Some might decide it's not worth it and forgo the expense
and stick with say the 511 for 4 years, or the earlier Animas, until their
insurance pays for a new pump. Pam


<For the record...Minimed themselves told me every upgrade would be 
299.00 cash
price (since insurance usually doesn't pay for the upgrades) for the 
Pathway 515/715! They also said those upgrades would pretty much be 
yearly and
you could upgrade as often as you wanted. Maybe the new price for the 
Pathway (515/715 and above) will be 299.00 instead of the 199.00 
cjarged for
previously upgrades.
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