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RE:[IP] Re: Animas announces ezAccess

 Pam, I believe that we have the FDA to thank for us not getting information
sooner from Pump manufactures. Seems that they have a
 rule about information being released to the public before the FDA approves or
does not approve a piece of equipment or a drug. Of
 course the companies could hold the item after it had been acted on by the FDA
but can you see that happening? I sure can't.

 When you talk to a company rep about a product that was turned into the FDA for
approval but no action has been taken, that rep is
 very limited on the amount and type of information that they can give. For
instance you may know that Abbott has applied to the FDA
 for approval of their Navigator system, did you also know that it is Abbott
that has pulled the Navigator from the FDA saying that
 they believe that it needs more select tests? They expect to have the tests
finished by the end of this year...and have it back
 into the hands of the FDA for approval. There was a posting where a MiniMed rep
was quoted saying that the Navigator had been denied
 by the FDA. That MiniMed rep had gotten misinformation some where. Abbott had
withdrawn the Navigator. Try finding current
 information concerning the Navigator from either the FDA or Abbott or one of
it's sites. I hope that you can, I have been unable to
do so.

 What's better living by the FDA rules or should the rumors guide us? I would
like to have it both ways but that's not going to


 > For the record, MM charges $199 for the upgrade to >>>the 515/715, not $299.
 >agree with the sentiment that the pump companies >should notify us about when
.versions are scheduled to come out. I got my 507C five >years ago and sure
 >enough, within two months the 508 was out. I wasn't >happy about that and
 >would have stuck with my old 506c a few more months >>had I had any inkling
>the 508 would be coming out in the near future. Pam
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