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Re: [IP] Re: Animas announces ezAccess

>  Geesh George, Being unemployed as I am now, "Big Bucks" to me is 20.00! Even
>when I was employed, my salary was on the low side, not much higher 
>than minimum
>wage, so "Big Bucks" then wasn't much higher. I'm glad that some people have
>that money tree growing out of their butts...but I don't!
>George <email @ redacted> wrote:
>And what is "big bucks"??

Excuse me!  Sorry you're having difficulties.  I'm having a little 
problem here myself as I too am currently "in between jobs", putting 
two different businesses in the morgue, paying back the banks and 
other lenders I am deeply indebted to, plus having plenty of credit 
card debt that I've lived on for the past 6 years of receiving less 
than half normal compensation if any at all.  BUT you DON'T read me 
complaining about an unknown amount for an unknown product that has 
yet to even hit the market.   When it does and I have evaluated what 
it would mean to me and what that would cost, THEN I will decide and 
comment.  Until then, no pre-judgements from me!      ;>)

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