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[IP] Medi-Jectors and Sil-Serters

I'm doing a two-for-one here . . .


We oughta form a Medi-Jector support group for those of us
who suffered the abuse of those machines.

I had a Medi-Jector back in the day . . . oh how I hated
that thing!  Bruises, sore muscles, and cuts were the norm
(yep, if you coughed or moved while it was shooting it in,
it actually made a small cut on your arm).

I used it for quite a while but eventually "lost" it.  ;-)


Ok, I'm back in town and I'm changing sites in a litle
bit.  I'm using the Sil-Serter and trying for a one-handed
insertion into my rear.  I'll update you on the results
and try not give you a mental picture that will keep you
up all night.

BTW, someone (I think it was Jef) asked about inserter
use.  I've used silhouettes (and their disetronic
counterpart) for over four years using the manual
insertion.  I've never wanted or needed any kind of
inserter until now. . . to help me reach places 'round
back a little more easily.  Manual insertion sometimes
hurts, sometimes doesn't.  I figure it'll be about the
same using an inserter . . . we'll see.

Update coming soon.

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