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Re: [IP] Re: Animas announces ezAccess

At 07:28 PM 1/3/2005, Pam Brown wrote:
>  For the record, MM charges $199 for the upgrade to the 515/715, not $299. I
>agree with the sentiment that the pump companies should notify us about 
>when new
>versions are scheduled to come out. I got my 507C five years ago and sure
>enough, within two months the 508 was out. I wasn't happy about that and 
>would have stuck with my old 506c a few more months had I had any inkling that
>the 508 would be coming out in the near future. Pam
>< We've heard
>MM charges $299 for theirs.>

This is an upgrade to a newer pump.  Now, if Animas comes out with a IR1250 
that perhaps has a 300u cartridge instead of a 200u cartridge, then yes, I 
would expect to pay something to upgrade to it.  Not just to change the IOB 
calculation or add some other software enhancements (perhaps allowing you 
to change how the carb ratio is set or allowing more reminders).  I 
shouldn't have to pay big bucks for that.

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