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RE: [IP] Re: Animas announces ezAccess and upgrade costs

At 06:46 PM 1/3/2005, Doug Boss wrote:
>Your cell phone - A number of cell modern phones have updates available - you
>must go to the vendor store to get the update and typically pay a fee.

I just updated my cell phone at no cost to me.  In fact they even sent me 
the cable and software to do so for free.

>HP printers - Many HP printer drivers are not free - Many times you must 
>buy it
>on CD

I've updated my HP printer driver for free.  Drivers are available for free 
download at the HP website.  If you need a hard copy CD, then yes, you 
usually have to pay the cost of the CD and mailing.

>As far as PC's go - WIndows 98 Second Edition and ME were simply updates to
>Windows 98 but were sold as $$ upgrades.

That's not 100% true.  Windows ME (Microsoft's mistake) was considered a 
new version.  It handles a lot of issues such as networking a bit 
differently than does any of the previous versions of Windows.  I believe 
it was also advertised as a new version.  Windows 98SE, on the other hand, 
was an enhancement of Windows 98 first edition.  I don't recall 
specifically what new options it offered.

As far as PCs go.  I have updated my motherboard drivers many times for 
free since I got it.  I have also updated my 4 year old video card drivers 
for free.  I've updated my Nero burning ROM software for my CD burner and 
even have new updates for the newer version that my daughter just gave me 
for Christmas, all downloaded for free from Nero's website.  My fax 
software (which only cost me $20 to register) has had enhancing upgrades 
over the past two years that I've owned it, all available for free on their 
website.  I have an old UMAX SCSI scanner that, while their main website no 
longer offers the newest driver for download due to size of the file and 
download time (you can purchase it on CD for a small price, much less than 
$300), if you have a broadband connection you can go to their ftp site and 
still download it for free.  I have an HP laptop that is about 4 years old, 
and I just recently downloaded an upgrade for the DVD player from their 
website for free just a couple weeks ago.  I had a couple old Dell 
Computers that I rebuilt using spare parts and found drivers and updates 
both at Dell and the various part manufacturer's websites at no cost to 
me.  My old Netgear router and now my used Linksys router both had upgrade 
software available from the respective websites at no cost.  My 3 year old 
Epson scanner has driver updates available at the Epson website on a 
regular basis at no charge.  These are just items that *I* have sitting on 
my desk and elsewhere.

So, no, not all PC people are so greedy that they need to charge for 
everything.  Besides, none of my PCs or peripherals are life saving devices 
designed to keep me alive.

I understand that Deltec offers software upgrades to the Cozmo for free.

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