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[IP] Re: Insulin on Board calculation

 Yes, with the Minimed Paradigm pumps you also have the choice of accepting the
bolus wizard's recommendation or modifying it however you want to. The point
being debated is that some people would prefer the wizard to subtract the amount
of active insulin from the recommended bolus for new food. Instead, it
calculates an entirely new bolus to cover the new food, but doesn't subract the
IOB since that's assumed to be still covering the previous meal. However, it
does show you the amount of IOB, so if you want to subract it you can do the
calculation yourself and alter the recommended bolus before you activate it.
Also, it does subtract the IOB from any correction bolus recommendation, just
not a new meal bolus. Pam

<You always have the choice to follow the recommendation or not with the  
cozmo, is it not the same with other pumps?>
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