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RE: [IP] Re: Animas announces ezAccess

 It appears You are referring to Consumer Electronics - There are LOTS Of
that have updates that cost $$.  Both consumer electronics and IT stuff.

 In the case of consumer electronics the company is selling hundreds of
of units or more. The per unit cost for the R&d of s software update is tiny.

Examples of common software udates that are NOT Free:

 Satellite recievers - Both Dish Network and Direct TV offer downloadable
BUT ONLY if you are paying the monthly fee.

 Digital Cameras - new firmware is published regularly and many companies
you to send the camera in with $$ for the update.

Your Car - Modern cars have computers - many of them have available updated to
new programs - Emissions updates etc - The dealer doesnt install the update for
free - Even if the manufacturer gives them the update free.

Your cell phone - A number of cell modern phones have updates available - you
must go to the vendor store to get the update and typically pay a fee.

Cisco Routers - You MUST be on a big $$ maintenance plan to access Cissco IOS
updates for thier hardware.

HP printers - Many HP printer drivers are not free - Many times you must buy it
on CD

As far as PC's go - WIndows 98 Second Edition and ME were simply updates to
Windows 98 but were sold as $$ upgrades.

Thats just examples from stuff that was sitting on my desk.

Im not saying that charging is right or wrong - Just making the point that LOTS
of companies that sell many many more devices than the pump vendors also charge
for software.


Quoting Bob Kerns <email @ redacted>:

>  Generally, drivers to access/manage hardware devices are included in the
 > price of the hardware, and upgrades to those drivers are free. Even when they
add significant new  functionality.
>  In fact, I cannot immediately think of a single hardware device -- small or
 > large -- short of an operating system for an entire computer -- for which the
software to access it and all upgrades are not free. Except glucose meters and
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