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[IP] Re: Animas announces exAccess

 That does sound like a different scenario then the Minimed upgrades within the
Paradigm Pathway program. The Paradigm upgrades are to new versions with
considerable enhancements, new bells and whistles, etc., that I think it's
appropriate to charge for since they do cost money to engineer, test, etc.
However the 30% IOB on the Animas definitely sounds like something that should
be corrected for free since from what you say it appears to be downright wrong
(can't say for sure since I don't have an Animas). Pam

<The Animas ezAccess was speaking about upgrading within the same 
version of 
pump, IR1200.  It's not going from an IR1200 to a newer IR2000.  So, I 
that just like upgrades within the same version of any software, they 
should be free.  All upgrades are not just to fix bugs either.  And 
you consider the IOB with the original IR1200 that always figured 30% 
insulin left on board, regardless of what hour setting you chose, a 
bug?  I 
see they corrected it in the newer pumps that have the IOB-2 feature.
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