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RE: [IP] Re: Animas announces ezAccess

 I agree, all my upgrades for Windows XP as well as all other programs and games
I have on my puter are free and I an alerted when they become available. Now
when they create a whole different system...That's different and sooner or later
as the old one becomes obsolete and you can no longer find support or the
functionality to use it, you will have to upgrade or get a new puter.
 One of my biggest complaints is that neither Animas or Minimed will tell their
current or potential customers of impending upgrades. They do not give them the
choice to wait or not wait for the upgrade/new version. In my opinion, 1. They
should tell their customer of upgrades pending FDA approval, 2. Give them the
choice to buy now or wait, 3. If they buy now, offer the free upgrade if, FDA
approval is granted within a certain time frame, 4. Tell them the upgrade cost,
if the FDA approval goes beyond the allotted time period. This, in my opinion,
would allow the customers to make informed decisions that would best fit their
needs and hopefully not be left with a pump that doesn't have some needed
features that are now suddenly available with the upgrade. This will also avoid
having pissed off customers because the upgrade was either not offered to them
or because their insurance won't pay for it and they can't afford to pay for it
Woul be nice wouldn't it?

Bob Kerns <email @ redacted> wrote:
Generally, drivers to access/manage hardware devices are included in the price
of the hardware, and
upgrades to those drivers are free. Even when they add significant new

In fact, I cannot immediately think of a single hardware device -- small or
large -- short of an
operating system for an entire computer -- for which the software to access it
and all upgrades are
not free. Except glucose meters and pumps.

Of course, the amount they invest in the software might be higher if they could
expect to get
revenue from upgrading the software component. My point isn't whether this is
right or wrong. But
you're invoking precedent here, and I think people are responding to this
precedent, and not just
wanting something for nothing.

email @ redacted
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