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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V8 #628

In a message dated 1/2/2005 4:56:25 AM Eastern Standard Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

It's  been 2 days & 6 hours since we put our daughter's first infusion set 
in.  I
just noticed a very small amount of redness through the little window in  the
center of the infusion set. We were planning to change the set tomorrow  
Her #'s seem in the normal range & we're thinking of leaving  the site in 
tomorrow as planned.

Any thoughts based on your  personal experiences?


A little redness is normal, we have the same issue with every site.   We 
 never go longer than the three days recommended, have tried a couple of time
we were running late, always ended up with high sugars because the site was  
beginning to fail.  Now the pump alarms when it is time to change and we  
change as close to that time as possible every three days.
We have asked our endos about this, but they always say his skin looks  fine. 
 Each site change leaves a mark for at least two weeks before they  fade away 
( not red that whole time, just noticably there).  My son has  been pumping a 
little over a year now, he is almost 12, pumping with  cozmo.
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