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Re: [IP] UltraSmart reset problem

>  Just got my first UltraSmart. Had the same reset problem. It's a 
>bit of a pain,
>because you cannot seem to edit time information for glucose entries, and I
>hadn't realized the clock was off. At the time, I thought I had forced a reset
>by holding down the buttons through the soft material of the case. 
>If I recall,
>the clock was almose exactly 2 hours off, the test strip code was reset, the
>custom names for the insulins were reset. Aside from the customization entries
>and time, it lost no actual log data. I suspect that the 'setup' 
>mode clears out
>all the custom data, and that the power was interrupted for a number of hours.

Not all, I think.  It remembers that I am on a pump.

>Maybe the battery clips/springs aren't holding with enough tension?

Lifescan suggested loose battery connections, but I got the 
impression that after three straight doing this to me, the last one 
twice in one day, they are grasping at straws.

>I'll try and
>pay more attention to the humidity, cold and/or static in case that is the
>issue, but I live in San Jose, California, and the weather is nowhere near as
>cold/dry as Alaska.

You wouldn't have the cold, certainly, but downslope winds from 
inland could be quite dry.

>On an off topic note, I love the dog link, and are you a
>Katherine Kurtz fan?
My first Sheltie, born in 1974, was Can Ch Rogene's Sean Lord Derry 
CD TD Can. CDX and my first two litters had Alaric and Brion.  I 
still have the first trilogy in the original paperbacks
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