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RE: [IP] Animas announces ezAccess

Yes, I would agree with most of what has been said. Software is very 
important, you certainly don't want to discover the bugs after you've begun 
using it. And yes almost all other software vendors charge for upgrades, but 
many don't charge for fixes and patches.

I use an Animas IR1200. I'm pleased with it and don't see any need for an 
upgrade. And what I don't know about ezAccess is the cost. We've heard that 
MM charges $299 for theirs. If Animas takes the same approach some questions 
is would have are; what is the cost and what is being upgraded. If I'm 
paying an annual fee I'm going to be upset if I'm paying to fix their 
mistakes. If it's for new improvements then I would want to see what the 
cost is for each of the things being improved. Do I want to pay for 
improvements I'm not going to use or need.

I liked the prior idea where you go to the doctors office and pay a small 
fee for a download.

but anyway, these are my thoughts.

Albany, NY
Diabetic since 1962

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