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[IP] Re: Animas announces ezAccess

Pam Wrote
 Regarding the topic of paying for software upgrades in general, sure it would
be nice for the pump companies to include them for free, but realistically what
other product does that happen with? I don't know of any computer software
(e.g., Windows, Turbotax, etc.), where you get a free upgrade when they come out
with a new version.

Ricardo Responds:
 I agree we should all have to pay to go from Windows 2000 to Windows XP. But if
the standard for current operating systems is to include networking
capabilities, a browser, email client, etc and Microsoft instead released XP
without these features and then wanted additional money every few months for
upgrades to these features, I for one would have a serious problem with having
to pay.

 The majority of the software enhancements that Animas will have to make have
been in the MiniMed and Cozmo pumps for a while. While they have done great with
the new IR 1200 they are in a catch up to the field position when it comes to
the companion software side of insulin delivery. Cozmo has done a great job in
packaging a full feature set into their companion software not to mention their
CozMonitor upgrade which I think was free. I could make a better case for paying
for the Cozmo upgrades since they have led the pack and continue to do things
with their software that the other manufacturers are not doing.

 The big 3 also know that if it were not for insurance the vast majority of us
would not be pumping. With 100% coverage under DME the challenge to begin
pumping used to be just getting the insurance company to agree. If this is a new
revenue strategy we all will be forced to not only choose the best pump for our
needs but also evaluate total cost of ownership (cost of upgrade x average
number of upgrades in a 4 year period).
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