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RE: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V8 #630

I have to differ -- unless, of course, my diagnosis is wrong! (Of course,
you DID say everyone is different).

I had an A1c in the low 7's on diagnosis, got that down into the mid-6's
right after, and had neuropathy within 18 months.

My feet get quite red with the neuropathy, correlating pretty well with
the pain. Remember, nerves also control the dilation of blood vessels, so
it is not that strange they would correlate if the sympathetic nerves were
also damaged. Also, there are several different things behind diabetic
neuropathy; it is in essence multiple disease processes. Microcapillary
damage is associated with it, both as potential cause and as a comorbidity
(illnesses that happen together).

A neurologist can do nerve conductance tests, and confirm the presence of
neuropathy. A biopsy can identify more specifically what's going on, but
it's not done routinely.

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From: Jorge Macias
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2005 10:27

With your control for the past 11 years I would be surprised if it is
neuropathy. I have had diabetes for 32 years and pumping for just 3
months. I have had neuropathy for about 5 years now. only in me feet and
legs though. The symptoms sound like neuropathy but the redness doesn't. I
have never had that. Do you have any numbness ? I wasn't aware of how
severe my neuropathy was until I saw a neurologist and he did some nerve
conductance tests on my feet / legs. In my experience neuropathy doesn't
show up so rapidly as you described, but everybody is different. I bet
your endo will not be able to diagnose it and offer you some pain meds. If
it does continue you should ask for more tests.

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