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[IP] FW: TAG method and Diabetic's Insulin Manager

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From: Melissa A. Kirchem [mailto:email @ redacted] 
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2005 10:49 PM
To: email @ redacted
Subject: TAG method and Diabetic's Insulin Manager
I use the Diabetic's Insulin Manager program for the pocket PC. It uses
the TAG method for calculating and recommending insulin dosage amounts.
It also incorporates insulin on-board( you can adjust the time- min is
set for 3 hours) and correction formulas for high or low BG, you enter
your BG level's. You program the numbers for your correction formula,
the formula for total nutrient counting (mine is 100 per cent of carb
grams plus 60 percent of protein grams, plus 25 percent of fat grams
divided by 25, and it gives you a recommended dosage of insulin to take
for a meal.  It has thousands of foods in its main list but also lets
you add any foods you want that you can get the nutrient information on.
It stores BG info, foods you eat, bolus amounts, exercise info, other
comments you have to make, your basal rates, plus other things. It now
has a program for your PC that works with the pocket program so you have
grafts, and numerous charts that can be printed. It is available at
www.pocketdiabetic.com <http://www.pocketdiabetic.com/>  
There is a two week trial version available.
Melissa Kirchem,  Paradigm 511, pumping 3 years.
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