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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V8 #630

Hello Jill,

With your control for the past 11 years I would be surprised if it is
I have had diabetes for 32 years and pumping for just 3 months.
I have had neuropathy for about 5 years now. only in me feet and legs though.
The symptoms sound like neuropathy but the redness doesn't. I have never had
that. Do you have any numbness ? I wasn't aware of how severe my neuropathy
was until I saw a neurologist and he did some nerve conductance tests on my
feet / legs. In my experience neuropathy doesn't show up so rapidly as you
described, but everybody is different. I bet your endo will not be able to
diagnose it and offer you some pain meds. If it does continue you should ask
for more tests.

Hope it all turns out good for you,

   Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2005 19:03:39 EST
  From: email @ redacted<mailto:email @ redacted>
  Subject: [IP] Another problem/challenge - what might this be

  Diabetes for 11 years - pumping for 4 1/2.  All but 1 A1Cs in low 7s and
   since pump, in low to mid 6's. Have had no complications (that I know of)
  physicals/year (PCP then Endo), labs 2-4x/year and normal eye exam in

  For the last 7-10 days I've had sporadic sensations of itch burn in both
   hands and today on the outside of both feet. The area of pain looks red
even as
  try not to scratch or rub it.  This occurs mosly during the day (if at
  I sleep through it).  It feels like what happened once when I was walking
  beach and got very cold.  I warmed my hands and feet slowly when I got home
  and there was a time period when there was incredible pain with this
  pain as my circulation got back to normal.  I've been wearing gloves and
  sox in the house and that seems to help.  The symptoms come out of nowhere
  seem to ebb spontaneously.

  Does this sound like neuropathy?  Anything anyone has experienced?  I see my
  endo in 1 month but might be able to get in sooner if needed. Thanks for any
  help or ideas.  Jill
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