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RE: [IP] Animas announces ezAccess

Being a software guy, it does cost money to make software.  Thinking of
software as a million piece machine, where every piece must do exactly what
it was designed to do, and have fail-safe mechanisms in it to take care of
faults (especially in medical devices) of omission or commission by the user
is incredibly tedious.  Having to anticipate what the user will do with the
instructions, and what the user actually interprets is a huge undertaking as

A case in point:  You buy a baseball.  What do you do with it?  The likely
user will say, "I will play baseball with it." or "Play catch with my kids",
but what if the user wants to eat it or play volleyball with it?  The
typical person would say, "that person is not using the baseball for what it
is intended", and that would be that.

Now, with software (bear with me...), this baseball can be used as a
volleyball, an apple to eat, or a control system to deliver insulin to a
diabetic.  Making sure that the software does exactly what it was intended
to do, and absolutely nothing else, is critical.  We have seen, with the
mars lander, what happens when metric is used instead of English
measurements.  No problems until the thing has to land.  That was a couple
of years after it was launched!  

Imagine if a pump mysteriously (they didn't find the metric/English bug
until after the craft crashed, which is when failure analysis is done.  The
ship flew fine until then.) started delivering U-80 quantities of insulin on
the fifth Thursday of the month and you overdosed (just a little) on
insulin?  Every fifth Thursday (there are between 1 and 3 per year) your
body was more prone to hypoglycemia.  Is that a pump software bug, or just
the activity of the day?

Now, we as users typically want more features.  What needs to be done, from
an engineering perspective, is design the features so they do not break
anything that works, and that the feature (again) does exactly what it says
it will do, and that something is what the user needs.

Just some things to think about.  All of this engineering takes money.

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Since when is this "stooping to a low" business practice. Remember it was 
not Medtronic that started this practice but Microsoft and Apple. Both of 
those companies charge for upgrades to software as do almost ALL software 
companies and many hardware companies.  Small incremental upgrades are 
sometime free but major ones are almost always charged for.

robert b

> I'm sorry to hear that Animas has stooped to the all-time-low of Medtronic
> with respect to "software upgrades" to fix the bugs in their buggy 
> firmware.
> My health insurance will undoubtedly NOT COVER this scam.
> .
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