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[IP] Re: Animas announces ezAccess

 You might be surprised about your insurance. I called mine the other day to ask
if they'd pay for the upgrade to the MM515 and they said yes, providing I get
the CPT code from Minimed and include it on the bill. They said that even if
it's just a software upgrade but it improves the functionality of the pump,
they'd pay it. Of course, I haven't submitted it yet, so we'll see if it really
works, but that's what they say. I am lucky to have really good insurance, but
it can't hurt for anyone to try.

 Regarding the topic of paying for software upgrades in general, sure it would
be nice for the pump companies to include them for free, but realistically what
other product does that happen with? I don't know of any computer software
(e.g., Windows, Turbotax, etc.), where you get a free upgrade when they come out
with a new version. Yes, if it's to fix a bug, then it should definitely be
free, but if it's an advance in features then I don't have a problem with
companies charging. After all, they're a for-profit business and can't afford to
give away their products. Pam

<The software upgrades would not be "parity catch-ups" but rather true 
advances in features.  I believe the advances that Animas would be 
offering would be well worth paying out of pocket for, but I'll still 
get my Endo to prescribe it to see if the insurance will pay.> 
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