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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V8 #630 UltraSmart reset problem

At 06:53 AM 1/3/2005, you wrote:
 >I am having a different problem with the Ultra Smart, when I insert a strip,
 >the code number remains on the screen until i press OK. It does not do this
 > every time, but is becoming more frequent. Also having tropuble with the
 >in that if I am  not very precise in letting the end of the strip touch only
 > the globulet of blood I get an error reading. Thi is a bit of a problem at
 >3 AM
 >when the BG is hovering around hypo. Anyone else experinncing this 
problem or
 >know what to do about correcting it?

It's one of the more annoying "features" of this meter. Every 25 tests it 
pauses and makes you confirm the code number. If you're like me, I get 
strips in packages of 100, so the number stays the same for quite a few 
vials of strips. I wish there was a way to turn this off, but when I've 
talked to them they tell me there's no way to do it.

However, if you think it's prompting you for more than just every 25 tests, 
call them. You may have a defective meter. They will replace it for free if 
it isn't working properly.

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