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[IP] Joseph's pump is here!

Just as our rep promised, Joseph's pump arrived before
the year end...  the DAY before the year end!  

Joseph decided to go with the Animas IR1200.  As my
earlier posts mentioned, he did saline trials on both
the Animas and the Deltec pumps.  He absolutely fell
in love with the Animas-- the size was perfect for
him, and he took to the menu system immediately.  The
Deltec pump, while far more programmable than the
Animas, just didn't grab him.  After Joseph made his
choice clear, and before the pumps were returned, I
spent some time with the Deltec, and found the buttons
a bit difficult to push (sometimes having to press 3-6
times before the pump responded).  And I didn't like
having it time out after 15 secs and not being able to
put the backlight on without being in a particular
home screen.  All fairly minor issues. That said, I
LOVED the software and the many reminders available on
this pump.  I believe that either pump would work well
for him, but I really wanted him to make the final

Soooo, here we are-- waiting to hear back from our CDE
and dietician to schedule training (they told me 2 wks
ago that it might be as far out as a month from when
the pump ships!).  Any suggestions on what to do in
the meantime?   
Animas sent out Insets and Comforts to start out... 
Has anyone out there used Comforts with children?  
For our Deltec trial I had to insert a Tender Mini
(because we couldn't do an insertion with the Inset in
his abdomen without pain-- though we were successful
with the Inset during his Animas trial).  

Thanks for any and all information you can share as we
begin this exciting (and a more than a bit
frightening) journey...

Sandra, mom to Joseph, age 9 dx'd 8/19/04 and soon to
be pumping Animas IR1200!! 
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