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Re: [IP] Animas announces ezAccess

At 8:46 PM -0800 1/2/05, Tina Robertson wrote:
>  I agree with Ricardo. Most insurances wont pay for that kind of upgrade.
>Minimed says their upgrade cost is ONLY 299.00, but 299.00 yearly or everytime
>they have an upgrade, for alot of us is too much after having to pay for meds
>and deductibles and/or copays. Animas won't tell you what their 
>upgrade fee is,
>they just say it's affordable...to who? I like Deltecs concept, to my
>understanding, it even goes farther than just to the end of the warrentee. Too
>bad Deltec isn't on my provider list.
>Ricardo <email @ redacted> wrote:
>  Many insurance plans cover pumping 100% under DME but paying for
>software enhancements most likely will start to push more of the cost
>onto the pumper. I am willing to pay out of pocket for hardware
>upgrades and software upgrades that are true advances in technology but
>parity in my mind should be included in the cost of doing business and
>maintaining market share.

The software upgrades would not be "parity catch-ups" but rather true 
advances in features.  I believe the advances that Animas would be 
offering would be well worth paying out of pocket for, but I'll still 
get my Endo to prescribe it to see if the insurance will pay.  As to 
"affordable", I think that the cost will be in line with the features 
that you are given, not an arbitrarily set pricing plan.  And as far 
as upgrading past the warrantee period, that will not been 
eliminated.  What has been done is that the pricing of the upgrade 
has been Guaranteed until the end of the warrantee.  I am not 
familiar with what you are saying about "Deltec's concept", I think 
that any company that offers a guaranteed price on an upgrade of the 
product until it has gone out of warrantee is quite Exceptional. 
Certainly not something you would "bash"  If they did offer the same 
pricing beyond the warrantee period they would be causing impairment 
to their financial continuance.  I doubt any reasonable managed 
company would cut it's own throat.

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