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[IP] Animas announces ezAccess

George Wrote:
To ensure that you have the best and latest technology when managing
your diabetes, Animas
introduces its ezAccess IR 1200 Program.

ezAccess will enable you to upgrade your IR 1200 pump, with our latest
software enhancements, as
they become available. This can be done at an affordable fee over the
life of the warranty.*
Now you can enjoy the unparalleled reliability of an Animas IR 1200
pump today  and be assured that
you will benefit from tomorrow's technology.

Ricardo Responds:
While I welcome the news I am going to reserve judgment on the value of
the upgrades until I see them.

My concern is that software enhancements may just be parity upgrades to
catch up to the competition. Whereas I see Animas as having a lead in
the hardware front with their .025 basal, long battery life and
miniaturization while keeping a large display (please, no pump wars), I
consider the Cozmo software to be the leader in pump customization and
options. For example if the Animas upgrades are for more reminders
instead of the 2 time of day reminders now on the IR1200 I would
consider it a parity upgrade since Cozmo has had eight(?) for a while
now. If the upgrade has a reminder for me to change my infusion set
again this is being done by Cozmo (and maybe MiniMed) when you buy your
pump instead of instead of having to pay for the feature out of pocket
after your insurance company paid for the pump. The same holds true for
being able to name my basals which the Animas cannot do presently. I
want all these features but why are they coming at a price long after
the competition has been doing it and when my insurance company
probably will not pay for it?

To my knowledge the old way of doing software upgrades on pumps either
involved having to send your pump to the manufacturer after they sent
you a loaner or the local rep had to visit each customer. For Animas
ezAccess will be a more efficient way of distributing software
enhancements and is a great cost savings for the company.

Many insurance plans cover pumping 100% under DME but paying for
software enhancements most likely will start to push more of the cost
onto the pumper. I am willing to pay out of pocket for hardware
upgrades and software upgrades that are true advances in technology but
parity in my mind should be included in the cost of doing business and
maintaining market share.

Dx'd 1967, Pumping since 1/14/2004 w/ Animas IR1000 and since 7/2/2004
w/ the Animas IR1200
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