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RE: [IP] Re:Insulin on Board

> I agree, but what if your low when your 
> going to eat then your pump won't 
> subtract your iob. 
> That's my main concern at school for my son.

Hi Bob, With the MM512, if you give the pump a BG below 70, the Bolus Wizard
pops up a warning message "Do not Bolus until BG is normal"  The Bolus
Wizard then stops. (You could do a manual Bolus if you wanted to).  If the
BG is below your set target, it does subtract the negative correction from
the food bolus.  Remember, the IOB calculation is based on previous Bolus's
(Corrections and Food) it is not based on Basal Rates.  So the assumption is
always that IOB is working to cover previously ingested food.  If you
subtracted it every time you ate, you would always go high, assuming all of
your other variables are set correctly.  

Remember, a BW recommendation consists of the results of over a dozen

CR (Carb Ratio)
Carb Units (Grams)
CF (Correction Factor)
BG Target
Current BG
Activity Curve (a standard binomial curve contains three dynamic variables +
IOB (Contains all previous boluses greater than zero as determined by the
activity curve, Insulin Units (IU), and Time)

Type II Pumping 12/03 MM512
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