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[IP] Re: changing lancets/keeping records

Hi Kathy,
 After you have been on here for a while, you will probably notice that many of
us DM'ers rarely change the lancets. When I first started using a meter, I
changed lancets after every use. One of my co-workers who isn't diabetic but has
problems with low BG's and therefore tests periodically asked me one day a
couple of years ago how often I changed and she was amazed that I changed after
every use because she only changes once every couple of months or so. I guess
she was a bad influence on me, lol, because after that I changed them less and
less frequently. I'm not even sure how long I've been using the current one,
probably several months. It works just fine. :)))
 Regarding keeping records, I too find that extremely difficult. I have good
intentions but I also live life in the extremely-fast lane so my good intentions
fall by the wayside. At least with the IR1200 Animas pump and my One Touch Ultra
Smart glucose meter, my endo can upload information from the two and can use the
data to see how I'm doing. I will do that for myself when I get a new computer
(current one can't handle anything extra).
Sybil and Suelyn (Animas IR1200 pump)
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2005 11:47:11 -0800 (PST)
From: Kathy Caldwell <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IP] Past time for OZ & NZ pumpers

 Oh my goodness, you have been using the same lancet from 1950? I am amazed!!! I
try to change mine at least once a month but only if the needle is wore down. My
poor ole fingers have began to go numb but I don't think its from finger poking.
Anyway, Happy New
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