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Re: [IP] Can someone tell me if the following is true

Cyndy writes:

<<Is it possible to attain the same control with MDI as with a pump?  The
Cyndy Mom to 4>>

Almost anything is "possible".  But whether it is probable is another matter
entirely.  Cyndy is probably asking about children and I would answer that for
many, many children it is not possible to get as good an A1C on MDI.  It would
make their lives unbearable.  As well, it would require adequate supervision
in the school system.  This does NOT occur in Canada, especially not in
Ontario.  A child would have to be home schooled in Ontario to get MDI done
similar to a pump's function.  Ask them if they want to sponsor Ben with a
round the clock nurse at school.

Claire's paed. also was not pro-pump.  Her A1c taken on pump start day was
10.3.  Seven weeks later, a time period which included major surgery with
severe food restrictions and limitations, healing, trauma, etc and her A1c was
8.3.  Even the paed had to agree that this number was impressive.

Also with a pump you do not have to feed the insulin and can manage changes in
diet much better, which can be very important for kids.

Exactly who is giving you this **** anyway??

I really don't understand how mums who are working so hard at getting their
kids better health have to be blocked in their efforts like this.

Best wishes,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 10
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