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Re: [IP] Can someone tell me if the following is true


  There have been times where Josh has spilled KTs and his BGs were actually 
below 100.  And there are times when he will check KTs first thing in the AM 
after sleeping all night and he will have KTs, with or without a low BG.  Our 
endo told us, and it has been mentioned here, that after 'fasting' a person, 
 even non-DMers, can have KTs in their urine. If someone sleeps 10-12 hours that
could be considered fasting.

Oh, another thing we recently found out is that even though someone is 
 spilling KTs in their urine they might not be having serum (blood) KTs too.
was dealing with that terrible stomach flu a few weeks back and constantly had 
 urine KTs. but when his blood was checked at the hospital (he needed hydrating
X 3) there were no KTs in the blood.

Just an FYI for those that might not know this stuff.

mom to Joshua
my thesis will be done TONIGHT,,,,,YIPEEEEE!!!
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