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Re: [IP] Re: Insertion Questions

><Does just about everyone use a 'serter? 
I have never used one and I personally do not forsee that I will ever 
use one.  I have been a pumper for over 8 years now and inserting my 
sites are second nature to me and I rarely mess one up.  I don't think I 
have messed up an insertion in the last few years.  Now if they had them 
when I first started, I would probably have used one then and would 
still be hooked on it because I would have never learned to insert them 
on my own.  The first year, I did have lots of messed up insertions.  
I'm inclined to think if you look of the people who started pre-serter 
days versus post-serter days, you will find a marked difference in 
percentage of each group that uses the 'serter.

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