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[IP] Re: Insertion Questions

 This is cleary a ymmv issue, as I absolutely cannot use the Sils without the
Serter. It hurts like crazy to do it manually when I try to push it through the
skin after the initial poke. Yes, the inserter causes bruising and usually a
little blood, but it doesn't impact anything and at least I can get the cannulas
in that way. I also use the Serter with the Quicksets because I tend to get more
consistent insertion that way. For some reason when I try to do it manually, I
usually mess up and don't go deep enough (I think I'm chicken to make a quick
and firm enough jab). Pam

<Does just about everyone use a 'serter? I took one look at those things 
and didn't want to touch them. I've used the quickserter a few times 
everytime it was worse than manual insertion. Am I just weird?>
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