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[IP] Re: Insulin on Board

Hi Everyone,
   I have a deltec cozmo pump.  If i were to go to bolus for a cookie
which needs 5.0 units of inuslin and I had checked my sugar and it was
120.  Previously within 3 hours i had bolused 4.0 units for something
else.  The cozmo would subtract the active insulin on board from the
5.0 units.  So if 2.5 units were still active it would only have me
bolus 2.5 or less depending on the blood sugar and the correction. 
This works wonders when I test 1 hour after and find myself to be on
the low side.  I work backwards to figure out how much carbs to eat so
I don't drop low.  I believe the initial complaint was that the
minimed was not subtracting the active insulin on board.  I think the
cozmo has this right on target but sorry.
   Wendy, Fozzie the bump, Kermit the lancer and Miss Piggy the cozmonitor.
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