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[IP] Re: cozmo wishes

From: Judi <email @ redacted>

>I also wish you could have your touch bolus set in units and other
boluses set in grams.

I don't use the touch bolus but would like to use it with units of insulin
as well.  Or even it we could set up a custom meal bolus that would be
units - not just either units or carbs.  Sometimes it would just be easier
when you know how much you want to take and don't want to punch a lot of
buttons.  The flexibility of calculating insulin based on BG level, target
BG, insulin on board, how much carbs, what type of meal, etc, is great but
sometimes it takes longer to key in all the info.  Especially if I'm in  a
hurry or out with friends, I would rather just key in the  amount I want to
take and be done with it!

>Last, I wish it had a clip (not a holster) and a remote, even as an
option at an additional price.

I would like a clip as well but I suppose when they have the meter to go
along with the Cozmo, we will have to have it in a holster with the pump.

I would also like a delayed bolus feature as others have mentioned.  If I
over treat a low, I will go too high.  To compensate I have a bolus set up
to spread the insulin to cover the extra carbs over 3 hours.  However I
don't like to start it right away because I'm still too low but would like
it to start in about 1 hour.  Now I have to rely on my memory and that isn't
a good system!

Type 1 - 30 years, age 46, pumping 4+years
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