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Re: [IP] Anyone have Humalog stop working for them? (tad long <g>)

I had a similar experience years ago, but it was while on regular, as
Humalog wasn't out yet.  I was on the pump, had been for three years.  It
happened in '93.  I was dealing with highs all over the place for two or
three weeks.  I was taking correction boluses one on top of the other (which
is a BIG no, no, I know), and never suffered for it -- the numbers never
even came down.

I suffered no illness during that time, either.  But there was no
explanation.  I ruled out the site, the pump, the insulin, nothing brought
it down.

I stayed in touch with the doctor, and I remember waking one morning
nauseated, calling the doctor, and she suspected DKA and had me come in to
the ER.  Supposed to be for a few hours.  I got IV insulin and ended up
being admitted.  I spent 5 days in ICU.  (I was coherent the whole time;
they just said I needed to be monitored more than the nurses on other floors
could handle with IV insulin.

I wasn't married yet, but was living hundreds of miles away from family
working, supporting myself.  As you can imagine, they were on the next plane
there.  I know it was a lot of stress on my mom.

At one point I was getting seven units per hour and still going no where
with it.  God was the one that brought it down, but I guess that's for the
other list.  No more on that here.

Anyway, no explanation was ever found to explain my experience, but for
months afterwards, I was on 2 unit (and higher) basals as a matter of
routine.  Their best theory was that a virus of some sort resulted in the
insulin resistance and DKA.

A few months later early signs of retinopathy were discovered, but my
numbers stayed down, and the eye damage actually went away and stayed gone
for several years.  Those early signs are starting to surface again, but
considering that that began some nine years later, I don't think it is
related, or at least not a direct result.

I'm sure this isn't what you wanted to hear, but I'm telling you, it CAN
happen, even when you do everything you're supposed to do.  The good news is
that I got over it with no real lasting negative effects.

I guess that is my gripe about some Diabetes publications.  They suggest
that if you do what you are supposed to be doing, DKA won't happen.  Sure,
it may be rare, but I know it can.  It happened to me.  And I honestly don't
believe I was doing anything wrong in how I handled everything.

If I can be of further help, feel free to contact me off list.  I hope the
answer is a switch to Novolog.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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