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Re: [IP] Poof - There it was..gone! (Formerly possible Humalog rejection)


While I was menstruating I documented that my fluctuating hormones affected 
my blood sugars.  I was not one of those that always had the same number of 
days in a cycle.  The length of the cycles were from 27 to 34 days.  

I would go along fine then all of a sudden I could not get my sugars under 
190.  I would then add 0.1 units per hour to my basal settings.  Then about 
two weeks later all of a sudden I would be in the pits!  (45 to 50 mg/DL) I 
would then change them back and about 6 hours later my period would start.

When I counted back, the day I had increased the basals were most often 14 
days earlier.  This happened over and over.

Apparently when I ovulated (14 days pre menses) I need more basal insulin.  
When the hormones dropped (about 6 hours before menses) I would go back to my 
original basal rates.

Both my endocrinologist and my ob/gyn freaked when I showed this to them.  I 
proved it to them by recording my blood sugars on a monthly chart and started 
the first day as the first day of my cycle rather than the first of the 

Your daughter's pattern may be different but it can be figured out.  Patience 
and good records are the key.

Good luck.  Oh by the way this worked for me, as a non professional this is 
just my experience.  Consult with your doctor for exact instructions.

Cee Dee
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