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Re: [IP] Re: (Knit picking?)

At 08:35 PM 1/31/03 -0500, you wrote:
 >OK Jan, I thought of you last night before falling asleep.. when does a
 >person use Lying down.....and when does a person use Laying down?  I can
 >never remember which is which or when one is use and not the other.  This is
 >also for all those teachers out there as well.
 >mom to Joshua.......by the way I know this is WAAAAAY off topic but you know
 >what...this has been a BLAST to watch evolve!!!!  THANKS to whom ever 
 >it....was that right...whom???!!!!!!

You lay your gloves on the table.  You lie down to bed.  Lay is transitive 
(takes a direct object), lie does not. Unless you are talking about 
prevaricating and if so I have no useful advice to give you.

And it would be whomever started it.

who's feeling pretty good that her blood sugar is 138 an hour after dinner
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