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[IP] Erica's Wild Ride

Hi Ryan,

You mentioned in your posting that:

>>It may be a combination of things...such as menstruating PLUS having
some kind of illness that triggers the hormones to raise BG levels a
lot more than usual<<

Guess who has developed a cough, swollen glands, and a dry sore throat today
along with menstruating since yesterday?  Yep, my Erica!

You may have hit the nail on the head :) Perhaps while everything was brewing
together her body decided to throw a little tantrum <g>  First time that has
happened, and we'll see what next month brings.

Glucose values have stayed between 4.5 and 7.0 mmol since this afternoon and
she no longer has a higher basal running.  Phew!  After we got things sorted
out with the Humalog, I changed to the NovoRapid.  Here goes another night of
checking frequently but it is worth it.

Thanks for your support

Barb Chafe - Chair
Insulin Pumpers Canada - Nova Scotia Division
Mom to Erica, a Canadian Butterfly
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