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[IP] Re: (Knit picking?

<< OK Jan, I thought of you last night before falling asleep.. when does a
 person use Lying down.....and when does a person use Laying down?  I can
 never remember which is which or when one is use and not the other.  This
 also for all those teachers out there as well.

>>>I'm probably not the Jan you were referring to, but ...

Lie means to rest or recline

Lay means to put or to place.

You lay your book on the nightstand when you lie down on the bed.

Jan and Elvis>>>

And I probably am the Jan you are referring to. The same for sit and set -
you set the book on the nightstand near where you will sit and read it. ;)
Set and lay are actions, lie and sit are restings. lol

Jan & Bluda Sue
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