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[IP] Long life with diabetes

>>"My best advice to other diabetics? Follow your doctor's directions, and
>>watch your diet. And, get as much exercise as you're capable of doing.
>>than that, lead a normal life. Once in a while I get down, and say 'Oh
>>this is a nuisance,' but you can always find things to do."
>>The Joslin Clinic tells Vi she is one of the four people who have had
>>diabetes longer than anyone in the United States. She's had type 1,
>>insulin-dependent diabetes, for 75 years, and thrived. And she's not
>>finished yet.

>And, she may be very lucky to have just inherited some good genes which has
>.helped her to avoid serious complications.  I think it's a disservice to a
>lot of long term Type 1s to just make it sound like all they have to do is
>follow what their doctor says and they will live a long life complication
>free.  It's not that simple.  Some people struggle and try to do everything
>right and have all the complications there are, while others who pay little
>attention, end up complication free.  Most of us end up somewhere in
>between.  My 2 cents worth.


You have a magnificent grasp of the obvious!  But, would you believe, some of
us "long term type 1s" like to hear an occasional success story?

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