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[IP] New ideas for new sites


I love using hip/butt sites because they are virtually painless to 
insert and I get better numbers with less insulin than with my abdomen. 
Yesterday I decided to brave the thigh sight and it's my new favorite! 
It didn't hurt to insert (used the front),  and I had to reduce my basals to 
the lowest rate ever.  A trick that a couple of people have pointed out is 
to poke around gently with the introducer needle and if you can feel pain 
when you barely touch your skin, move the needle slightly in a different 
direction so you barely feel it, and that's a better place to insert.  When 
I first touched my thigh with the needle I felt a sharp twinge, so I moved 
it only maybe a millimeter and didn't feel hardly anything, so that's where 
I inserted.  For those of you who did shots for many years, I guess you 
know this trick - that's where I got it.  Anyway, hips and thighs are great! 
I remember being afraid to try hips and then I was afraid to try thighs.  I 
guess the unknown is always scary.

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