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[IP] BCBSM Fight Update

Got a call from a manager person at BC today.  She evidently was contacted 
by the State Insurance Commissioner's office (I was so mad when my supplier 
told me I couldn't get more than 200 test strips per month regardless of 
what my doctor said I emailed everyone I could find an addy for... 
hehe).  She wanted to set up a Managerial Conference by phone with me.  I 
told her that Medical Policy was also reviewing my request after I 
contacted the first doctor at BC (and she sounded like she knew exactly who 
he was).  She did, however, ask me for the name of the Dr. from Medical 
Policy who contacted me by email and she asked what date I was 
contacted.  I gave her this information and she told me she would contact 
the Medical Policy Dr. to see how the review was coming.  We scheduled a 
tentative date for the Managerial Conference (in about 2 weeks) just in 
case Medical Policy hadn't come up with a decision by then.  Michael says 
I'm on my way since I'm now well past the Customer Service peons whose 
first response is "no".  So, everyone, wish me luck.   And I will keep 
everyone informed as to what happens, especially for those who I know are 
also being limited by BCBSM's outdated limit policy.

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